Harvey H. Stoler Memorial Award

                                                  2017 Harvey H. Stoler Award Recipient - Chris Faherty

The Harvey H. Stoler Memorial Award was established by his teammates and friends in recognition of Harvey's many contributions to UConn Lacrosse, the game of lacrosse, and to the many people he touched throughout his life.

Harvey was among the early pioneers who worked tirelessly to bring the sport of lacrosse to the UConn campus beginning as a club team, which was officially designated by the administration as a varsity sport in 1966. Through his prowess on the field and leadership skills, the club team transitioned into a budding varsity team that posted a winning record in its second year of existence. Harvey went on to captain the 1968 team, and he later coached the 1969 freshman team. Harvey was named to the 1960s All-Decade Team by his teammates. Besides being an outstanding lacrosse attackman, Harvey was a leader and a friend who promoted the highest standards of sportsmanship and respect for, and love of, the game of lacrosse. His teammates and friends responded to Harvey's untimely death in 2015 by establishing the Harvey H. Stoler Memorial Award to be awarded annually to the UConn lacrosse player who demonstrates outstanding lacrosse and academic achievement, provides leadership, and who promotes friendship, sportsmanship and respect for the game.

The UConn Men’s Lacrosse coaching staff is proud to recognize senior defensive midfielder and team captain Chris Faherty as the recipient of the 2017 Harvey H. Stoler Award. “Chris was our emotional leader this season” stated Head Coach Marc Paolini. “Chris is an intelligent and intense defensive midfielder and was a leader among the defensive group”.

Affectionately known as “Turtle”, by his teammates, Chris is an accounting major from Hamden, CT, who said what he will remember most about his four years of playing UConn Men’s Lacrosse is “being a part of the 2015 team sophomore year that won the PCLL title for the first time in UConn history and advancing to the MCLA National Tournament in Southern California”.

Team president, Brett LeClair said “Chris always displays a lot of grit, hustle and leads with his work ethic. He did all the “dirty work” for us by getting ground balls and never wanted to be overly flashy, just the type of guy that puts his head down and works hard every single day”. Brett also said “Chris was a tremendous captain who set the standard for what kind of work ethic it takes to be great both on an off the field”.

Junior captain Alex Gallaer said about Chris “Nobody has ever been more excited on a lacrosse field than Chris when he scored against USF last year. He went absolutely nuts, he scored on an end-to-end goal, and it was awesome to see. I'll never forget him apologizing to the offense during his celebration because he knew they had a good fast break opportunity if Chris didn't take it himself”.

Chris’ biggest piece of advice to all his UConn teammates is “to stay involved with and supportive of UConn Men’s Lacrosse even after graduation”. Chris added “the friendships you make and the stories and laughter will last a lifetime”.